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“Given her background handling employment cases, Phyllis has an excellent grasp of employment law. But what has impressed me the most was her willingness to educate herself on noneconomic damages and apply that knowledge to her growing mediation practice. As an employment lawyer with thirty plus years of trial experience, it is frustrating to go into mediation and have the mediator dismiss your claim for noneconomic damages. To meet a mediator who is not just willing to consider the value of emotional distress damages, but is seeking to educate herself on the way juries process claims for noneconomic damages, is inspiring. I am not surprised that Phyllis has had great success in settling cases. I would encourage my colleagues to run, not walk, to schedule a mediation with Phyllis.”
Renuka Jain, Esq.
Law Offices of Renuka V. Jain, P.C.
"Phyllis is exceptional (...). She has the best judgment for risk assessment and strategy of any[one] I have ever worked with. Phyllis focuses on business solutions as well as legal solutions (...). I worked with Phyllis for many years and know that clients value her work and judgment. She always becomes a trusted adviser (...). She has my highest recommendation."
Jill Basinger, Esq.
Chief Legal Officer, Discovery Land
“Phyllis is one of the leading labor and employment lawyers in California. She has the unique ability to blend strong advocacy skills with a warm, upbeat temperament.”
Jeff Krivis
First Mediation
"Phyllis is a preeminent labor and employment litigator and counsellor. She is smart, practical, calm under pressure, and tough."
Anthony Alden, Esq.
Partner, Quinn Emanuel
"Phyllis is my go-to (...) for labor and employment-related issues. She's responsive, efficient, highly knowledgeable, and clients sing her praises."
Eric Hagen, Esq.
Chief Legal Officer, Austin FC